Corn Relish

Corn Relish


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Pioneering a new taste is all in a day’s work for The Scullery.  And that’s where Roast Corn Relish came from. Experimenting over her famous Aga, Florrie Purcell discovered a unique taste – sharp as a tack, but as smooth and velvety as an explosion in a caramel factory, Corn Relish is already becoming a favourite among those who regard making sandwiches as an art.  Summoning the orient with its hint of curry, it’s easy to become addicted to Roast Corn Relish.  The ultimate comfort food, it is also good with all kinds of meat or fish, whether roast, fried, grilled or barbecued.   Roast Corn complements many salads and is particularly effective in a rasher sandwich.


  • Low in fat
  • No cholesterol
  • No salt, additives, preservatives or MSG
  • Only natural ingredients
  • Spices can increase metabolism, aiding weight loss